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Photographs by Adelina Iliev Photography

Ruairi & Dawn's Story

For this residential project in north London, we helped convert Ruairi & Dawn's one-bedroom flat up into the loft to create a two bedroom flat with open plan living.

Project brief

Our clients Ruairi and Dawn wanted a light filled open plan living space and to have a second bedroom. 

Space Planning

Ruairi is a trained chef therefore the kitchen and living space was to be at the heart of the home. The loft conversion allowed for this space with the deep emerald green kitchen been the main focus. The existing living room was converted into the master bedroom.


Newington Green, London



Our clients chose the finishes, fixtures and fittings that display an underlying clean, crisp, neutral tone that they accentuated with either a deep rich colourful kitchen, a deep grained timber veneer or a heavily patterned tile that brings together this beautiful Georgian home. 

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