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Claudia and Ben's Story

Helen and Joe immediately understood our problem and talked through the different options with us, patiently and with imagination. It was tremendously comforting to have a dialogue where we felt our needs were understood. I can honestly say the extraordinary transformation has totally enhanced our lives as a family.


We wouldn’t have thought it possible – a visiting friend nearly walked out recently thinking they’d got the wrong home! It’s truly miraculous how Helen and Joe have managed to create space and light. It’s beyond improvement, it’s a new home.

Claudia and Ben's home featured in one of Houzz's articles - read it here

Photographs by Adelina Iliev Photography

Project brief

Space planning


Transformation of a Georgian garden flat -

don't Move Improve!

Optimising space to bring the family closer together.

Claudia and Ben came to us to help solve their very common dilemma; sell-up and move out of London to afford a larger home, or stay put and improve their Georgian garden flat.

Following long discussions, sketches and site visits, we proposed a refurbishment that could grant the family larger communal spaces, as well as more privacy. Liaising with the structural engineers Quorum Associates, we identified structural changes that could help create a larger bedroom for their youngest son, as well as an extension on the kitchen.

Structural Engineer: 
Quorum Associates

KCT London

Party Wall Surveyors: 
Robert Hopps Partnership


Newington Green, Islington, London


Key to the design proposal was the combination of the kitchen, dining and living rooms to create an open plan living space. The differing functions of the room were defined by changes to the ceiling height, while modern light fittings, sharp white walls and a simple colour palette created consistency and comfort. 

The new improved layout allowed for the family to stay in the local area that they love by creating larger living spaces and a new double bedroom for the growing family.

The new extension has allowed us to give them the modern rustic kitchen they have always wanted. 

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