Photographs by Abby Yolda

Bathroom refurbishment  & redecoration
of two bed flat in a Victorian Terrace

We completed a full redecoration of the two bedroom flat and refurbished the bathroom

Project brief


Lewisham, London

This was the first time Helen and Caeli had the opportunity to decorate their home to their style preferences as they had previously lived in rented accommodation. With a stringent budget they wanted to create a bright and modern home. 


No one particular style like ‘scandi’, or ‘maximalist’ has been employed throughout the whole flat. We been bold with colour but also mixed Victorian, mid-century modern and industrial pieces to give each room a look and feel that is unique and fits the space.  

The refurbished bathroom has dramatic dark walls which has been continued onto the ceiling resulting in making the space feel bigger and more serene. Saloon doors replaced a single door into the bathroom allowing much more space for manoeuvring.  


We employed clever space-saving and storage solutions in a cost effective manor by designing bespoke furniture to be cut out of plywood using a CNC machine.  This method was also used to create three wall hung pendant lights. 

The dining table has been constructed from recycled scaffolding boards and bespoke cut scaffold poles that have been painted the same colour as the floor so the table ‘floats’ and does not feel too industrial in the  Victorian lounge.


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