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Photographs by Adelina Iliev Photography

Modern loft conversion for a family home

We have converted the existing loft into a habitable space for use as an office and day bedroom with ensuite. 

Project brief

​To create a dedicated office space and a guest bedroom for the growing family. 

Space Planning 

The existing home is now connected with the new loft by way of a bespoke designed steel, timber and glass staircase within the existing stair well. This stair design with the new rooflight above has helped to allow for as much light as possible to penetrate the existing circulation space within the home.

We have created ample additional storage together with an additional room for the family to grow into. 


Bow Locks, London


Structural Engineer: 

Constant Structural


This bespoke staircase, made from steel, timber and glass, allows for the essential connection from the first floor to the newly converted loft. 

The landing area floats within the double height stairwell, illuminated by the vast Velux window positioned in the pitched roof above.​ The glass balustrade allows for the maximum amount of light to pass uninterrupted inside and through the stair whist providing protection. 

The timber treads and landing are made from reclaimed floorboards which have been sanded back and finished with Danish oil.​ In contrast with these rustic timber treads sits the slim glossy steel stringer which marries the three materials perfectly to create an open and minimalist stair. 

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